Monday, June 10, 2013

The Unlikely Homeschool: 2013-2014 Well-Planned Day Planner Review {and giv...

The Unlikely Homeschool: 2013-2014 Well-Planned Day Planner Review {and giv...: A couple weeks ago, my poor mailman practically got accosted by a wide-eyed, somewhat fanatical woman with toddler in tow.   OK.....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A sneak peak of the Harris kids

A day at the Harris home...

Hawk's in this phase where he gets into a push up position, or in a 'downward dog' position and holds it as loooong as he cans (while grunting)... not sure if he's trying to walk or crawl... Noelle always thinks its hilarious!
...then comes the big plop as he falls to the ground from holding the position for so long and they both start giggling :) Silly boy! Haha something special about twins I tell ya ;)
Lunch time at the Harris house! It's an adventure at every meal!

Hawk & Noelle in their brand new booster seats! They love them!

Not sure what they were doing, just playing and laughing :)

Story time! Maverick decided he wanted to be the teacher and read to the babies :)

What a good big brother! He's trying to teach Noelle how to read :)

Maverick thinks its hilarious when he puts hats on the babies


Maverick entertaining the twins. He had quite the audience that day :)

Hawks new 'position' while he eats now. He thinks hes pretty 'cool'. He's quite the ladies man at our church's kidzone ;)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ahh I've been trying to update the blog for several weeks now but I've been so busy lately!

Maverick has been getting into everything lately, I mean everything! He's constantly pulling things out of drawers, I have papers, coupons, clothes, and spoons randomly throughout the house hidden. I also find myself hiding things in random spots just so he can't get to them, then I can't ever remember where I hid them....

Mavericks favorite spot in the house right now is the pantry. I swear there is a light gleaming through the cracks of the door because every time he walks by it he stops, takes a moment, and then opens the door in aww with a big happy smile. I think I heard a harp or something one time when he opened the pantry door. The other day I took my eye off of him for 1 minute to change Hawks diaper and this is what I found...One of those moments when you realize your gonna have to clean it up anyways so why not capture the moment why you can ;) I suppose I may have been the one who left the powdered sugar on the bottom shelf... what 1 1/2 year old could resist the delightful pretty box sitting there?

Besides Maverick starting into his terrible two's, the twins are starting to become more mobile. Eek! Hawk is rolling his self on the ground everywhere and I find him in random spots chewing on toys, furniture, you name it its in his mouth. Noelle hasn't mastered the rolling part yet (which I'm kinda glad about). They started sleeping through the night a couple of weeks ago, Hallelujah!! Never thought I would see the day! Hawk gets up at 5am every morning (which is fine, I just plop him in bed and breastfeed him and he falls asleep for another couple of hours), I think he wakes up on purpose not to eat but to lay in bed and snuggle with me ;) So Luke says :) Noelle has been waking up at 7am & Mav at 8am. I'm hoping this will become a routine, we will see.

I tried to get a picture of them both smiling but I have a hard time getting Sissy to smile when she's next to her brother sometimes. Oh do we have some fun years ahead of us :) I couldn't resist putting this one up. Stephanie can always get Sissy to smile :)

Luke and I have taken up running recently (I know you think of running and its like GOO! But once you start doing it I swear its actually quite refreshing). Running is now something we all look forward to every night and its something we get to enjoy as a family. We load up the kids and off we go!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Squealing: having or making a high-pitched sound such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge

7:00am this morning I heard Mav talking in his room, just rambling on. I was praying he would go back to sleep since the twins were both asleep... He was making these random squeals like a little girl so I went into his room, thinking maybe his foot or some kind of body part was stuck in between his crib walls. I took a peak in his room and saw he was still asleep...yes it was my beautiful little Noelle. Squealing away and just talking to herself. Oh I sure have been blessed in many ways early in life ;) When are their lungs fully developed again?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fathers Day Weekend

We had a great Fathers Day weekend! Daddy's favorite place to eat is Oregano's so we packed up the crew and went Saturday night. We haven't been out to eat with Mav & the twins by ourselves since they we were born. Lets just say I was stressing the whole day ;) Turned out to be fantastic. Noelle slept the entire time and Hawk woke up towards the end of our dinner but was a very good boy. Maverick had a good time. He made a little friend while we were waiting to get seated.

The little boy had a couple of cars that Maverick wanted to play with :) Mav still has a hard time learning to share (I'm pretty sure he knows what sharing means I think its just hard for him to want to share) lol. At one time the little boy went to grab his car back from Mav and Mav stuck his hand in his face and gently said "NO"... "NO NO NO". It was one of the funniest moments ever!

Sunday we got up early and went to church, then came home and Luke fired up the grill and slow cooked some ribs. MMM MMM Good! He makes the best ribs ever! We put up Mav's pool in the backyard and had a nice relaxing family day.

Mommy & Mav at Oregano's

Daddy & Mav at Oregano's

Hawk Man

Mav & Daddy were playing catch with the dough
(Yes we were THOSE people that night)

Maverick dancing on the table, and yes he knows better!

Sister being adorable :)

Daddy & his boys in their matching shirts

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Creeper

This past week my aunt Sophie & cousin Stephanie took me and the kids out to eat and to play at Chandler Mall. Mav had a blast playing in the child area! I of course think he's the studliest kid out there :) It's hilarious to watch children interact and play together. I was lucky enough to get a play by play snap shot of another little boy on a mission to drive Mav's car and steal his little lady ;)
Okay here we go. Watch that kid in the back with the white Gap shirt on...
Keep a close eye on him

Wow he moved in on Mav at superspeed!
Keep watching the little booger....

Whoa! Totally invading the territory here!
(Isn't there some kind of man code about this?)
Mav was keeping it cool though....

Then BAM!!! HAHA!
Let's just say Mav was totally blindsided but still remained
cool as aunt Sophie came to the rescue!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yesterday I was in the kitchen and I heard the TV pop on with my aerobics work out video on... I peaked in the living room and saw Mav jumpin all around watching the instructor doing jumping jacks :) I don't know how he managed to get the TV & DVD player on but he sure did! I think it was a sign it was time for mommy to get her workout on. Thanks bubba!